Best Bits of Choices in Betting for You


If you choose to bet on a particular player or team, you will need to know the strengths and weaknesses of these on your fingertips to hope to benefit from your bets. However, this is not the only subject where you need to be experts! Indeed, you must also know the different characteristics of the types of sports betting.

To help you in this tedious task, we have chosen to present you in detail the double chance bets. Thanks to our explanations you will know perfectly the function of this bet and will know how to use it in record time for your next bets.

The First Thing for You

First of all, it is important to know that double chance bets are not available on all matches. Indeed, for a bookmaker to be able to offer this type of bet on an event, the latter must include equality as a result. You will therefore understand that double chance bets, as its name suggests, allows you to bet on two match results which are: the victory or defeat of the first team plus the draw or the victory or defeat of the second team plus the draw. Thus, the odds of winning your bet are much higher with double chance. However, the winnings in the event of victory will logically be less. With the toto site you can find the best deal.

  • The double chance bet is also called “double result” in view of its specificities. In addition, by choosing to bet on this bet, you will be able to bet on an end-of-match or half-time result.

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How to use double chance sports betting?

If you appreciate the principle of double chance bets, you will be delighted to learn that they are widely represented on the sites of bookmakers. So take the time necessary to bet well by choosing rather attractive odds even if, as explained above, these are not very advantageous for double chance bets. For example, you spotted the match between Manchester City and Liverpool.

Citizens are favored at home and Liverpool are offered at an interesting odds: 3.80. Instead of betting on a risky Liverpool win, you can opt for a Reds win or a draw at 1.90.

Our opinion on this bet

If you have the firm conviction that one of the three outcomes of an encounter cannot happen, then it will be much more prudent to bet on a double chance bet than on a simple bet! In fact, even if your winnings in the event of a win will be less substantial with this kind of bet, you will minimize losses as much as possible by choosing to use it.

The double chance bet is a delight for novice or cautious bettors who prefer to limit the risk of losses to the maximum and still savor their winnings, even if the latter do not reach large amounts. On the other hand, if you choose to bet on this kind of bet, take the time to always compare the odds of the latter with those of the corresponding single bets.