Betting in Sports Now Takes a New Name



There is a lot you can bet on nowadays. Something that is classic and never seems to diminish interest is trot. According to many sports lovers, trot is the annoyance you have to endure before you get to see the football match 먹튀제보 site during tip Saturday. However, for travel lovers, there is no greater entertainment than sitting with a patch V75 and hoping for their horse. Something that, in many people’s opinion, increases the delight of the trot is that you can earn so much by having a lot of knowledge about what you play. Knowing a lot about different cows, horses and previous races can give a lot of information that you can use in their tipping.


As early as 1554, something was usually considered to be history’s first trotting competition in the Netherlands. The competition consisted of about 3000 horses which would probably make it harder for a tipper to find the right winner. During the 19th century, the trot spread to North America where there were often competitions during markets. Even in the United Kingdom, trotting became more widespread. In Italy there had been horse races with carriage before but as the trot was introduced in France in 1836 it immediately became more popular in Italy. Belgium and Holland also quickly took to the trot.


Early on, trot was part of tip extras. Before that, they started playing organized on horses in Sweden in 1923 when the totalizer came. However, it was until 1959 before the first of all popular V games came, namely V5. It simply stands for Win at 5 right. V5 has since received many sequels in, for example, V75, V65 and V4. In 1974, ATG was founded and thus it became possible to bet on horses without being on the trot track, which caused the spread of trot to increase substantially. Today you can bet on an ATG representative around Sweden or directly on the website if you want to play on trot.


There is a lot you can bet on when you come to a trot track. In each specific race you can bet on a winner. You simply choose a horse that you think will win and bet on it. You can also bet on the horse to “place” itself, that is, come 1st, 2nd or 3rd. In addition to this we have the most popular game form, V75. Here you simply select horses in 7 different races that you think will win. To win, you must be right in at least 5 of the races. Of course you can bet on several horses in each race but the more horses you bet on, the more it will cost. 


The V75 happens every Saturday and is usually what the traveling enthusiast is most looking forward to. If you can’t stick to Saturday, there are the other V-games to choose from or the popular double of the day. There you have to pick the right winner in two specific races during one day. You can bet all this via the computer or an agent, but you should sometime visit a trot track as it gives tremendous excitement and joy to see the mood as the horses run.