betting projects for the Bookmakers


In the offer of betting offices you will find an interesting mix of odds from various sports every day. But do you even know how these courses are created and what they actually mean? If not, be sure to read the following post to learn all the essentials.

Several experts take part in each match

From the point of view of bookmakers, setting odds is absolutely crucial. They are based on the probability according to which the rates are then calculated. A professional bookmaker must first accurately analyze a specific match. It takes into account all the necessary statistics, the situation in the team and other points of interest.

In most cases, at least two situs judiqq online terpercaya bookmakers are involved in creating the odds for each competition, but there may be more in the most prestigious leagues. Of course, the more experts break down the match, the more accurate the course.

  • Bookmakers usually only determine the tip for the match favorite and then, thanks to a computer program, they are automatically calculated the remaining two betting opportunities.
  • It is the computer program that guarantees that the values ​​of the odds after calculating the following equation: (1 / tip 1) + (1 / tip X) + (1 / tip 2) will have a value less than 1.
  • This result is important for the bookmaker to avoid problems with the Surebets bet, which we have already presented in detail in our section.

The bookmaker is still alert

Estimation alone is not enough to determine the final rate. It is also very important to follow the odds of other reputable bookmakers. Rates are constantly changing and the bookmaker must react immediately to their changes.

An example is a tennis duel that took place in Toronto, Canada.Its protagonists were Petra Kvitová and former world number one Azarenková. The match was supposed to be even in terms of odds, but after declaring that the Czech Republic was fighting mononucleosis, the odds immediately changed in favor of Belarus. The rate fell on Azarenkova from 1.80 to 1.45. What was the result? Vika rolled over the two-time Wimbledon winner clearly 6: 2, 6: 3.


Setting betting odds is thus very demanding, it requires long-term experience and interest in sports. The bookmaker sits in front of his computer for several hours a day, and in addition he has to map several leagues at once, which is definitely not easy. However, if he has been moving in this world for many years, he can determine the odds in advance at the first glance at a specific match.