DPBOSS, the new sensation in the world of Satta Matka


 DPBOSS is the leading website in the world of online lottery games. By playing this game online, one can earn real money. In India, the online gaming portals are locally named as “ Satta Matka“. It is a licensed website that is running under the guidance of professional brokers. Some of the games are Kalyan Matka, Main Main Mumbai Matka etc. This game became very popular in Bombay first and then spread to the other states. By investing a minimum amount of Rs.500, the player becomes eligible to be a

part of the game. Once profits increase exponentially, he can take the risk of higher investment. The mode of transaction is Paytm in each gaming session.

What is the history behind Satta Matka being so popular in India?

People belonging to the lower-income the group often doesn’t get hesitated to play lottery games with greed of earning some cash without any hardship. Hence to encourage the spirit of such men, agents started a lottery game by bidding on the opening and closing rates of Cotton price exported to Bombay Cotton Exchange from New York. They named this game as “state Bazi”. After the ban on this game, the lottery game took the Shape of picking random chits from an earthen pot (Matka). Gradually with the

Advancement of science and technology, this game lost its charm. And the offline gaming mode took the shape of an online gaming portal controlled by trading bots.

What is the manual of playing these games?

DPBOSS Satta will make the user aware of the daily Matka charts before he proceeds to attend the live gaming session. Some arrangements of single and double digits are provided on the web page. One has to select them carefully, sum the digits and bid on the number. Each number is assigned with a particular sum of money. It is recommended to have a look at the Kalyan Matka weekly Jodi. The games are conducted throughout the day with intermediate breaks but closed on weekends.

Is it a good option for the freshers?

Freshers may not find the game handy. This is because reading the charts skillfully and choosing the numbers randomly requires a bit of experience. Though the fresher can give it a try. But the profit percentage may not be high. Still, with repeated practice, he can become a professional player within a short time. Initially, he should focus on learning the game instead of thinking of earning profit. The minimum investment criteria are designed in this manner.

Can the player withdraw the amount immediately after the game?

The transaction procedure is very transparent. After the end of each gaming session, he can withdraw his profit within 4 hours. The user can go for Paytm Mode or direct bank transfer. But he has to bear the service charges of 3% with a bank transfer. The maximum transaction amount in Paytm is Rs. 15000 and Rs.1 lakh in the bank transfer.