Features Of Infrared Contact Lenses That Would Surprise You


The infrared lenses are an amazing technology that enables your vision to see things that have very specific filters to counteract the natural white light background. Such things are generally invisible to the naked eyes. The infrared contact lenses help you view something that reflects the high -blue UV light which human eyes aren’t accustomed to. Such things cannot be viewed even by normal contact lenses because when you are using those lenses, you are still using a human retina to see objects. The infrared lenses are used to cheat in poker or other card games.

Wearing those lenses would be convenient for you to see those numbers and suits that are scribbled on the back of the cards with invisible inks. You can get different types of infrared lenses with different sizes and color. Choose the one that would be comfortable and won’t change the appearance of your eyes. They need to be worn for a long period to see the markings of the cards while playing rummy, poker or dominoes. The lenses are so strategically designed that you would be able to view the marks with high clarity from a distance of 4m.

Points To Consider While Buying An Infrared Contact Lenses

With many manufacturers in the market, it shouldn’t be a tough case for you to get a pair of infrared contact lenses. However, do consider the below-mentioned points to buy a good one.

  • The playing card infrared contact lenses come in different colors according to the color of our eyes. Brown eyes marked decked lenses, grey eyes luminous ink contact lenses, blue eyes invisible contact lenses and green eyes marked cards lenses to name a few. Get the one which matches the color of your eyes, so that other poker hands don’t find your tricks of the marked cards.
  • Choosing the perfect infrared contact lenses would be a tedious task. The processed lenses have a variety of pupil diameter of 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 9mm. Buy the one that would cover your eyes and you would feel comfortable while you have them on.
  • Check the visibility power while buying a pair of infrared lenses. It should of high quality and shouldn’t hurt your eyes. Eyes are a sensitive organ of your body and any cheap item can be hazardous for them. So, it is better to take the trial and then buy them.

Good quality infrared contact lenses are sure to bring luck to your card game. The well-improved tactics increase the chances of your winning.