Fine Betting Means Tactical Betting


Many serious players recommend how much percentage of the pot to bet on each forecast. A financial strategy is stipulated in advance: be it the Kelly criterion or a banal flat.

If information is published a week or even earlier before the start of the fight, think about it. During this time, the situation may change dramatically and the forecast will be irrelevant. For example, a player is injured or something else.

Unscrupulous cappers often rely solely on statistics. Like, the team lost 5 previous 메이저 사이트 matches, which means it will lose the 6th. Nothing like this. If 5 times in a row fell tails, then the probability of falling out for the 6th time does not change – the same 50%.

What are paid forecasts for?

Be sure to appreciate what the capper is betting on. If you are offered to play an unclaimed market, and even in an unpopular tournament, this is a bad choice. Not only do not all bookmakers have an outcome in the list, but also the quotes change quickly. An insignificant rate of 10 thousand rubles is enough for the coefficient to drop. You paid for the forecast with odds of 1.75, and it is already 1.55. Don’t let this happen.

Such actions are not fraudulent. Many 은꼴 specialists deliberately focus on exotic markets, because bookmaker pays less attention to them, which means that it is easier to beat it. It may happen that the capper has a profit in the statistics, and you have a loss.

In tennis, the odds also change quickly, so it is not advisable to purchase paid predictions for this discipline. Unless, provided that you can immediately go to the bookmaker and make a deal. Football for this parameter is preferable. For leading championships, quotes rarely change, but another problem arises – it is more difficult to win, because bookmaker analysts devote most of their time to these events.

Having an account with an independent verifier

The capper must record his bets (forecasts) with an independent source. If you lose, you will not be able to delete the forecast or fake statistics. This is a good tool that real forecasters actively use. For them, this is an additional way to prove their worth as a capper and the quality of predictions.

Detailed information about bets is available in the profiles of the forecaster on . Look at the profitability graph of the forecasts and the number of bets for all time.

You can find out such important indicators as the average ratio and ROI for all time and the last month. It is possible to study the profitability by months in order to understand the success of a tipster at a distance.

Sports statistics, outcome types and tournaments will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. For example, if handball, double chance and the English Championship most often lose, then why not exclude such predictions in order to earn more?

If the free predictions do not pass at the capper, no one will trust the paid ones. When you have successfully placed a month or more on the recommendations of the forecaster, you can easily buy a paid subscription.


Consider the cost of information when buying a forecast. The seller must understand that you need to recoup the invested funds and earn. The tipster is interested in you winning, because no one will pay him again if they lose.

Still, the key criterion for determining the quality of a forecast is its success. The disadvantage is that most often you can find out after the money has already been given.

If you decide to use paid predictions, make sure you work with a reliable and responsible professional. Refrain from spending when you doubt that the investment will make money.