Finer Values for the best Bettting


When a player is interviewed about one of these writings, the answer is usually the same: “Taboo exists to be broken, no one wins the day before”. It is true. But any fan knows that the weight of hindsight is a reality in footballand therefore a factor that can never be ignored when making a guess.

The Right Places

When it comes to strategy, the conclusion is similar. The confrontation between the team with the best attack in the league and the team with the most defensive defense does not always end in routbut it is undeniable that the natural tendency is for an elastic score game, with a great chance of success for those who enter as favorites in 먹튀검증 sites.

  • Experts usually examine the most different aspects of each team when making their guesses, identifying factors that may be decisive for the final result.
  • Even the number of yellow and red cards that a team usually takes at each game can be decisive. Think about it: in the direct confrontation with a team that has players who always seek the dribble, a team that usually commits many infractions tends to suffer from fouls and cards.
  • Likewise, teams that value set pieces tend to take advantage in duels with teams that suffer a lot of goals, either due to the short stature of their defenders or the fragility of their scoring system. All of this is taken into account when making a prognosis, and you only gain when you learn to use this information.

Watch All The Games You Can

The more matches you follow, the more knowledge you have about the teams you put your money on. This is one of the secrets of the success of the experts who are most correct in their predictions.

When you look closely at the performance of each team, it becomes much easier to imagine the possibilities of each match. That’s why you shouldn’t limit yourself to just watching your own club’s games.

In addition to your perception being impaired by the emotional factorafter all, you will always see your own team with a different view from the other teamsthe opportunity to identify the strengths and vulnerable sectors of each association is lost, information that can be very valuable when you make your guess.

More Hunches, Less Risk

A suggestion that you should take into account: even if you are based on the opinions of the most qualified experts to make your guess, do not concentrate all your investment on a single bet, no matter how big the beard. It is a consensus that this is one of the biggest mistakes made by beginning bettors.


You can be totally convinced about the favoritism of a certain team in a valid match for a championship that you follow with great attention. Putting all your chips in the result you are most convinced about may seem like the best way to profit, but the opposite may happen.