How To Play 3-Card Poker At W88


The 3-Card Poker is a popular genre in Western and American countries, although it has not been introduced to Vietnam for a long time, it is currently the choice of many W88 players who want to gamble at KEOCOPA. In principle, the playing of this type of Poker is similar to the normal 5-card Poker, but the way of playing here is considered to be much simpler and also gives players a lot of interesting experiences which brings players get interested in playing this game.

To make it easier to follow the article, I will abbreviate the following cards Ace as A, King as K, Queen as Q, and Jack as J. You only need to read abbreviation to understand the basic concepts in this game, if you are not sure where you can read it again. In such a way, you will memorize easily and grasp all the ideas in this guidance.

In the 3-card Poker game, the purpose of this game is to win the host with 3 greater cards. First of all, the host and the player will be dealt 3 cards, then compare the cards of both, higher card will win. The rules of this poker are similar to those of regular poker.

Steps to play playing a W88 3-card Poker game

Step 1: First the player will Ante and have 2 more options: Pair Plus, and 6 Card Bonus. These 2 betting options are optional, depending on the strategy of each player.

Step 2: Dealer will then deal 3 cards to the players (face up) and 3 cards to the host (face down). The players will have 2 options at this time:

If the Player is dealt three great cards and feels confident that the card they are holding means that they have a chance to win that round, select “Play” to continue playing, this time the W88 dealer will face the cards up and compare to the players’ cards. 

If the Player is dealt 3 small cards and feels unsuccessful, then the Fold will be selected. At this time, the players will lose the bet.

Players need to remember:

3 cards of the W88 host must have a card of Q or higher (called a qualified card)

If the W88 host’s card is lower than the Q, the pot will be returned and bets placed will win 1 to 1.

Step 3: How to compare cards and pay

  • If the player has a higher card, then bets will win by 1 to 1.
  • If the W88 dealer has a greater card then you will lose your money.
  • If both sides tie, then the player’s bet will be returned.

If the player bets and has three initial cards, the Straight Flush, Triple card, and Straight, respectively, the player will win the bet regardless of whether the W88 host won that game.


If a player places a PAIR, he or she will win if he or she has a pair or more.

If the player bets a 6-CARD BONUS, then the player wins when the 3 player cards combined with the 3 cards of the W88 dealer make the largest 5-card poker. 

If the host of W88 and the player have the same suit, the card with the higher value wins (for example, 3 K cards are bigger than 3 Q cards, or the Q, J, 10 is bigger than the 10, 9, 8).

When the dealer and player are equal, the next highest card will be calculated to determine who wins.


You should read the overview once and then read the details of each part again, it will be easier to understand. And through the article you will feel there are many opportunities to be able to win in this game.

Hopefully, with the above article, you can better understand how to play W88 3-card Poker and give yourself the opportunity to win this game.

I wish you luck and more success!