Is Playing At Casino an Addiction?


When we talk about casinos we have to address one of the most controversial topics that exist. The gambling addict. What is a reality and lie in this image of disease that exists in most countries and is associated with those who gamble and bet?

Has anyone betted on a casino become an addict? Can anyone who enters a casino be considered ill?

Too many questions and too few answers. But all viewed with much prejudice, Pokerqq explains in details.

The Answer in Plain Explanation

The answer is no. Gambling does not cause more addiction than other behaviors in society.

On the contrary, studies indicate that gambling addiction is lower than alcohol, cigarette and even crack addiction to be the example of popular and widespread drugs in our society.

In general, unhealthy behaviors have very close rates when we talk about this kind of activity.

But why is this addiction more popular with gamblers than with other branches of society?

One need only talk about legalizing the casinos that many get into madness by demonizing the activity.

First, we must separate two fundamental things: normal behavior and pathological behavior.

This sounds obvious but it seems that people do not understand. Every activity in life can have normal and pathological, unhealthy behavior that requires medical attention.

This human duality is easily observed from food, as the problem of obesity plaguing the world, as well as addiction to drinking, sex, financial spending, among others. Compulsion is a similar behavior in all addictions.

And in that sense, there would be no worse or better addictions, just addictions. Just as everyone who drinks a glass of beer is not an alcoholic, so anyone who plays a slot machine cannot be considered a gambling addict.

The difference is prejudice. In some countries, there is a negative image attributed to games that involve risk. By the way, they call them gambling, but why not lucky games?

They treat the issue as if it were a moral defect, misconduct. While televisions spend commercials all day talking about beer and other topics, gambling is treated as an activity that does not deserve to be considered.

Negative View Factors

Much of this is influenced by a religious view. The dominant Christian religions in most countries have a negative view of the game, although several types of risky games are present throughout human history.

Because they are very powerful institutions, they impose their vision on the faithful and also on the media they control making gambling a problem, when they are not.

Almost 99% of the countries in the world have some kind of legalized game. By the way, when individual tourists travel to these countries, they love to play casinos.

Games are no more addictive than other things. That simple. They only talk more about them because of the extreme prejudice in some countries.