One Immediate Choice for the Best Betting Strategy


Referring to money as units is a strategy not to get attached to the value of money. Instead of referring to your bet as $ 20, you will refer to it as “1 unit”. But dividing 50 or 25 on the value of the bank is just an idea. Try yourself to set a value of your unit, a value that will not make you bet by betting and that will also make you think twice before placing a bet, that value that you brake a little. Found a good value for your unit? Great, but units is not the secret, let’s talk about stake now.

The stakes

  • Stake is nothing more than the unit amount that you will use to place your bets, enters, in short, is the value of your bet.
  • But the stake is not a unit, it needs to be divided according to the confidence you have with a particular bet.
  • There is a degree of belief from bet to bet. You will not have the same security every time you make a different entry. Sometimes you have a bet more likely to happen, so your stake will be higher.

Stakeholder sharing is also a particular thing, but we usually do this:

  • Poor confidence = 0.5 unit
  • Average confidence = 1 unit
  • High reliability = 1.5 or up to 2 units 

This is my stake approach, the way we manage the banking. Your stake in each game will vary based on your confidence. You must agree that you will never have the same confidence to make different 토토사이트 site bets / entries, so use stake, which is another form of bankroll control.

But how do you know how many stakes to bet?

This is a very complex subject, we will need to make an exclusive and extensive article only for stakes. And this article we have not done yet, and when you do we will link here.

The value of your stake will be based on how confident you are with that bet, how well you study to reach a certain entry. And that is something that goes from each one.

As you can see we’re already supporting methods, a strategy of something so important that is banking management. Without it you will never be profitable in the long run, you will never live on sports betting consistently. Now let’s talk about how we treat my bankroll.

Gambling Tip Banking Management

You need to know that we aim for profitability and sports betting. And profitability in betting is measured by the percentage you win, the amount of units you win, not the money you earn. But we’re not silly and we’re in for the money, correct? The gambler has to make his bank spin completely. The tactic of some profitable (long-term) gamblers is to make this bankroll wholly spin at least once every month or a few extra days, this is a tip, not a rule.