Proven Tips On How To Level Up Your Poker Game Skills


Now that you know the basics of playing poker, it is now time to take your game to the next level. Improve your game by perfecting the poker face. Understand the nuances of every position, recognize the poker tells in others, and identify the good hands. Thereafter, you can take your poker skills to a recreational game like in a casino and try your luck!

Do Not Play Each Hand or Do Not Fold More

One of the common mistakes ofbeginner poker players is that they tend to play many hands. When you are just beginning in poker, you must stay in hands that are not very good. This is also true when you play poker online Indonesia. Playing more is not similar to winning more. In reality, this can mean losing more. If you find that, you are staying in on half or more of the hands that you are dealing with, you can upgrade your starting hand requirements.

Do Not Play When You’re Drunk

There are nights when you just play poker with friends for low stakes and it is fun. But when you are in the casino, make sure that you watch the alcohol. While you might feel relaxed after two drinks, it can lead you playing to less sharply and loosely. This is true even if you are not fully drunk. You might notice that the other players are the table are imbibing at all. This must be your first clue that poker is not the best game to play whenever your senses are dull.

Perfect the Poker Face

During the game, make sure that you remain a calm poker face. If you are worried about giving away too much with your eyes, you can consider wearing dark sunglasses so you can maintain your poker face. But even if you are wearing sunglasses, try to keep your eyes as still as possible. The movement in your eyes can give away emotions by triggering the muscles on the side of your face.

Make sure that you master body language. Nervous ticks like fidgeting, nail-biting, and knuckle cracking can reveal your emotions. Try to remain still and silent to throw them off. If it doesn’t work for you, you can fold your hands together or squeeze a stress ball constantly.

Pick Hands Wisely

When you play fewer starting hands, you can provide yourself with an advantage against aggressive and loose players. Moreover, you can make better post-flop decisions much easier. You can cut way down on the times that you put your money in the pot with the worst hand. This is also true when you play poker online Indonesia.

When you have more experiences, you can have a chance to play more hands. You can be creative with your post-flop play. But until then, it will be a much more enterprise to keep things simple. See to it that you put money in the pot when you have a good hand.

Recognize Poker Tells

During the game, look for tics and fidgeting. Identify if someone is trying to bluff a good hand as they fake indifference. You can also observe if your opponent is looking at their chips. Finally, notice if an opponent is trying to stare you down.