Reasons To Choose Online Casinos Over Face-To-Face


I remember that when I turned 18, back in the 20th century, one of the things that I wanted to do as a goal in my newcomer age was to go to a casino and rub shoulders with the ‘jetset’ of the capital. It could not be, even with Free Spins. The issue of the car was complicated, and also, the issue of clothing made us rethink the situation.

I will not deny it. I’ve never been in a shirt and tie, and at 18 years old, even less, so what started as a great plan, ended up becoming a kind of utopia less and less exciting. On the other hand, by accounting, it turned out that our economy was not going to allow us to boast. After paying the entrance and the minimum consumption, we calculated that we were going to have money left to make two spins at the roulette. No, it was clear that the casino’s plan was not going to work.

Why did I put this roll on you? Well, the other day, they asked me if I preferred the traditional or the online casino. Man, for tastes, the colours, and I understand that many people prefer the face-to-face game, but I have decided to break a spear by the online method, Why? These are my reasons:

In Tracksuit, In Dressing Gown Or In Gala Dress

Let’s see, things as they are, if I have told you that one of the reasons that put me back when visiting a Casino at the time was the ‘dress code’ that the English say, it would not be acceptable not to include this parameter in my list.

Depending on the casino and the city, the dress rules may vary, but the good thing about Online Casinos is that here, those rules are up to you. What do you feel lazy about? Well, nothing, in a robe and slippers. Hey, if you have the day off, you can also put on your tuxedo and make a James Bond with your Martini with vodka, mixed, not stirred.

Privacy Is Priceless

We are approaching 2020, but some things do not change, and sometimes it is necessary to have a little privacy. I’m not saying that people like to speak ill of people, but if you spend a day at the casino to make fun and it happens that Antonio the accounting officer sees you playing $10 at roulette, it is possible that on Tuesday or Wednesday those $10 have become 1,000, and that you have not only gone once, but it turns out that you are a VIP customer, one of those who has a reserved table and the dealers know you by name. Mind you, Antonio, the accounting officer, does not know that because he is there every weekend, but because an acquaintance has told him, of course.

Anyway, sometimes it is better to go unnoticed, and in the living room of your house, you will not have Antonio snooping, unless he has put a camera on you, which would be illegal, so you can play quiet, relaxed, and without fear of being branded as what you are not, which is an advantage to take into account with the times.