Statistics And Secrets Of Blackjack Success


In this article, we have prepared for you some useful information on blackjack and more particularly that online. If you are a beginner, you want to know what are your chances of winning and if it is possible in general. So in the article, we cite statistical data on the percentages and frequencies of earnings. You can also learn useful tips for playing real money online blackjack successfully.

The Ratio Of Gains To Losses

Let’s take that 9% of the games end in a tie. So we have 41% of hands when the player wins and 50% when he loses. As you can see, the casino must win more often. But how do you play blackjack and win? Can we decrease the casino advantage? The point is that if you lose, you lose a bet. But by winning you receive one and a half or even two. This is why the number of gains is sometimes greater than that of losses.

How To Become A Blackjack Winner

If you play blackjack just like when you are playing 카지노먹튀, you will always want to win it. Sometimes you visit an online casino to rest without thinking too much about the winnings. Your goal is to distract yourself, but why not win a little more. You already know that there are many strategies that should help you win online blackjack. However, its effectiveness has not yet been proven.

So we would like to help you, anyway. This is why we have analyzed most of the winnings in this game as well as the interviews with the winners and professional players. Based on this information and statistical data, we have prepared a few tips that can help or even save you in case of loss.

  • Don’t rely too much on luck. However lucky you are not fortune can turn your back on you at any time.
  • Be ready to lose. It would help if you did not despair having lost. Do not leave the game right away. All the same, if it’s already your fifth loss, it’s better to leave the game.
  • Don’t trust strategies. They can help you a little, but don’t think that you will surely win by following them.
  • Learn the rules. If you have watched a film where blackjack is played, you do not yet know its rules and principles. It is important to learn them well so as not to make mistakes.
  • Choose the version and model convenient for you. You know there are a few versions of blackjack like the Spanish, Classic and others. They all have small differences in the rules and must be learned and used correctly. The same with different developer models.