The history of blackjack and other card games is fascinating


Few punters notice a shuffling machine or blackjack shoe among the lush interior décor of a gambling venue. But to a veteran blackjack player, the shoe is another essential part of the game apart from card, chips and your money. Decades ago, when card games were introduced, it was all about skill, brain and luck. The first casinos established were setting only for the privileged, upper slice of the society. But with more casino halls, it became commonplace for the common person. Then, irrespective of the abundance or lack of it, the brick and mortar casinos started offering a spectrum of games such as roulette, poker, blackjack and dice games.

The dealer`s manual shuffling is the magic of the moment

The history of blackjack and other card games is fascinating. But with the history of blackjack, the narration of deck shoe is equally charming. The evolution of the simple deck shoe to multiple deck shoes like six decks one, followed by the mechanical card shuffler, is unknown to many gamblers. Today there are many variants of card games both in territorial and online casinos like mega 888, and some are specialized in certain games such as blackjack.

The world is rapidly changing with the advent of various technology marvels, but gamblers still prefer to visit land-based casinos or their virtual counterparts. Besides a wide range of games, these casinos offer generous bonuses, prizes and astounding entertainment prospects. Whether in a real environment or a virtual one, blackjack is always a game of skill. In brick and mortar casino with the game, you can enjoy a complimentary drink and other facilities.

Experience of visiting a royal casino is unforgettable; trivial things like touching the velvet on the blackjack table or watching the dealer shuffling cards flowingly in an eight-deck shoe is imprinted in memory forever. The dealing shoe is a simple device that stores multiple decks of cards. The purpose of a dealing shoe is to avert tracking of cards during shuffling and ensure faster smoother gameplay. 

Earlier dealer shoe appeared like stilettos. The boxes were mostly red or black in color. Even though the outline changed with time, some feature remained unchanged. The painted divider showed when the next shuffle is due. The divider is atheistically crafted out of any material. The idea of a machine shuffler appeared before the first deck cards were used. A simple box, card divider and discard tray constituted the dealer shoe used in Las Vegas casinos in the 1960s. The dealer`s manual shuffling is the magic of the moment; everyone breathlessly watches the fast-flowing shuffling of the cards.