The perfect Bookmaking Options for the Best Betting


The first entitled Over under Goal Bookmaking Strategy will teach you how to calculate the odds of goals for both teams and when to bet. The second is a warning that says you should take into account the frequency of over under results before betting.

The European market is what makes some football fans turn on when there are no games. The speculation that arises daily about who leaves and who arrives and the values ​​that revolves around each possible transfer heat up the engines for the new season.

The Role of the Title

The title of this post is 안전놀이 site betting on Player Transfer, but we won’t say anything about a strategy for betting on that. Although we believe that to be effective and profitable with this type of betting, it is necessary to know the player’s profile, the interest of his manager, and of course, to be one step ahead of the betting sites.

This statement and a few others about Juventus and his teammates didn’t go well, at least we had that impression. It made me think he is leaving Juventus or is forcing this situation. So we decided to make this post to talk a little about betting on player transfer.

The good news is that 10bet has opened its markets to the Brazilian side, the bad news is as follows:

As we saw nothing about a possible purchase of Danni Laves pass by either of these two teams, we decided not to bet. We would bet if 10bet gave him the option to go to Man City (because of Guard Iola) or maybe return to Barcelona, ​​even hurt by the direction of the club. But what we really wanted to do was bet that he will leave Juventus and that is not possible for now.

If any of these markets open on 10bet, we will evaluate and bet. We believe his statements will only reach the bookmakers when all he says comes out in a large foreign press. This way the sites will make their adjustments and by then it may be too late for them.

  • This concludes this post saying that it is possible to be ahead of bookmakers in a few situations. The European market in England, France, Spain and Italy opens on July 1st and lasts until August 31st.
  • Note that the odd 1.39 for him to stay at Juventus says it is quite likely that he will continue another season in the team. But we doubt that will happen.
  • We open the 10bet transfer market to see how the odds are doing and come across it. That is, most likely he will go to Man City. Too bad the house has not opened market for him to go to the City team.


Few gambling sites open their markets for player purchases. Every buzz surrounding a big player is a new market on 10bet. To bet, look for Player Transfer in the Sports or Top Events menu.