What are Your Winning Options for the Casino Online Tournaments


Online poker tournaments require an entry fee, which includes the percentage of commission due to the poker room. Each participant then receives a roll of chips and should try to go as far as possible with these starting resources. Whoever loses all of his tokens is immediately eliminated. These online poker games offer beginners an opportunity to get used to online games.

The Offers for You

They also offer a way to make a lot of money: the best players can reach the final stages of major tournaments through online qualification. These online tournaments can therefore represent an opportunity to realize your dream.

The Tournaments

Sit & go tournaments are limited to one table, and begin as soon as all the players are seated. It’s shorter, it’s the ideal option if you’re short on time. From the Casino Metropol giriş this is the best bit.

The poker rooms offer various tournaments during the week. At any time, you can register for your favorite games by paying various buy-ins. We have already mentioned the amount of commissions, which must represent around 10% of the entry price. Keep this criterion in mind when choosing your site.

  • Finally, French players have an interest in registering on approved sites or after consulting opinions on online poker. Generally, when registering on a site, they are asked to enter their game limit, that is to say the amounts that each player can authorize to use for gambling. In this way, direct debits will not exceed the amount indicated, in order to prevent any form of addiction or loss of control.

History Of Online Poker

The origins of poker remain controversial, but we know that the current version developed in the United States in the 19th century, the first description of a game of poker dating from 1829. The game is an integral part of the conquest of the West, cowboys particularly liked it. Poker is also widely practiced on boats floating on the Mississippi, where professional players have fun plucking wealthy traders. Poker was imported into Europe during the mid-19th century.

The notoriety of this game increased notably from 1950, the year of creation of the World Series of Poker. Founded in 1998, online poker began to develop in the 2000s, and television tournaments and its presence in the cinema helped to increase the popularity of this game. In 2003, the victory of an internet fan publicize online poker. The aptly named Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP that year, earning $ 2.5 million for a starting bet of only $ 40.


Virtual poker rooms will continue to grow, but legislation also follows. Thus, many questionable sites are now closed and today each online poker site can be considered reliable, since it is subject to the gaming regulatory authority. To know the best online poker site, do not hesitate to consult our ranking.


Now you know almost everything about online poker. By way of conclusion we will simply say: you have to train. Beginners need to do a lot of games to get their hands on. Fortunately there are generous gaming sites for bonuses and promotions where you can go far with a small deposit.

Do not forget either that the environment and the tools are decisive for progress, in no case should they be underestimated. After a while, you will be able to participate in online tournaments and why not be among these professionals who access major prestigious tournaments. In any case, we hope that you will be among the winners with this guide that we have developed for you.